Ukrainian pop music for use by those who support Ukraine.

Music video playlist with Ukrainian music created for public places such as beauty salons, cafes, shops and more.

The music collection “Ukrainian Music” is an inspiring, dreamy, motivating music of pop, pop rock styles with fast, slow and moderate tempo. The music of this collection helps to achieve such marketing goals as increasing loyalty and the number of impulsive purchases / orders. The music of the collection is suitable for institutions with vintage, loft, Provence, Art Nouveau and fusion designs. The collection is designed for target audiences of different ages – mature age (45-60), middle age (25-45), youth (15-25). Can be used in such seasons as autumn, winter, summer, spring and such periods of the day as the usual hours, day, morning, night, evening.

Download our mobile app for free and listen to hundreds of playlists with a variety of music for beauty salons, cafes, restaurants, hotels and other public places. Playlists are classified:

  • for marketing purposes (various ways to increase the average check, increase staff efficiency, etc.);
  • seasons and calendar holidays;
  • types of institutions;
  • music styles
  • etc.

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